Solar Darkness Conjunction

The Story So Far


When the MIT student drug pusher Jim O’Sallivan was attending his regular weekly meeting with the psychologist Oliver Brownbridge, noone knew that this was the start of a seemingly random chain of events which resulted to their extraplanar travel to the World of Exalted.

The world was being invaded by unknown forces, with dragons breathing spikes of ice and skyships emerging from the cracks in the sky.

Saved by the Solar Princess Ymir with the cost of her life, they managed to get on board to Ellyshar, the flagship of Erés City-State and to reclame the fallen Princess’s body along with her sword,Aragona.On the ship they were assigned with sailor duties and had their first chance to know about the strange world that they have entered.
h1. The Erés arc

As soon as they arrived at Erés,they found that the city was being ravaged by a plague that affected the living turning them into mindless undeads,save only the Solar Exalted.Shortly after they were introduced to the ruling council consisted by the Five Commanders, each representing a caste.They were approached with caution and sceptisism from almost all of them except maybe by the Night Caste Commander Adashi, who seemed to be welcoming the addition of two new members.

Meainwhile,Eshylah was arrested and found guilty for treason and the murder of Princess Ymir’s death who happened to be his betrothed and charged with death penalty in a surprisingly fast trial attended by Supreme Lord Hideyoshi, ruler of Erés and father of Princess Ymir.This was a dubius decision which shocked the society of Erés ,but after the appearence of Lord Hideyoshi before the crowd everyone started to change their opinion ,and believed that the desision was right.

Everyone ,except Jim and Oliver who were supported by Commanders Adashi and Tulvia who thought that Eshylah would never harm his beloved.After a secret invastigation,they uncovered a conspiracy run by the presumably dead former commander of Twilight caste Laedra, assisted by the Eclipse caste commander Draegoth,the second in line army officer Captain Erdoff and patronaged by the Deathlord known as Avaestar.

With Commander Adashi leading the exbition underground of Erés,the three renegades ventured into a series of tunnels that noone knew their existance.When Adashi encountered Laedra he fell into the trap of following her,leaving the two mortals alone with a Lunar Exalted.After a close encounter ,they managed to continue only to find another creature who called himself Onigezeer- The Slavemaster stopping them for procceding forward.Clearly not a match for the two mortals everythng seemed lost,and their journey’s only meaning was that they will die far away from the place called home. When the amazing happened. A Being appeared as a Bard, displaying tremendous power when he stopped the timeflow.He then smilled and said his – now – famous quote ‘’Welcome ,to the world of Exalted!’’ and somehow giving them access to the Exaltion Shards.With their new powers,they managed to defeat him and met up with adashi to see Laedra escaping It seemed that Laedra was using an item known as The Conscience Web-Shackle and managed to manipulate Lord Hideyoshi to kill his son-in-law.

Battle soon emerged between the Solar exalted of the Free State and the forces of the Abyssal Exalted and when everything seemed to be getting well for the Solar side,the Deathlord himself appeared, resulting in countless deaths.Lord Hideyoshi without fully recovered powers tried to stop the deathlord.As the battle continued it was revieled that the true purpose of the Abyssal attack was to steal the coffin of Princess [[Ymir which was infected with the same disease that struck Erés slowly turning her to an Abyssal exalted.The invading forces then departed along with Ellyshar and the raised princess with Laedra and Dragoth leading the exit.


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