Ashan' Perann


The Night Caste Solar was born about 23 years ago to Uvero’Perann and Sudhastra along with his twin sister Anisha in the sounthern city of Chiaroscuro.Son of activists and revolutioners Ashan’Perann shares a lot with his mother’s personality. When at the age of 5 the Immaculate order came to take him and Anisha out of fear of possible Solar Exaltation,his parents organized a coup against the dragonblooded leaders of Chiaroscuro,resulting in their death.

The two children were led to the City of Salcos to be parts of a Sidereal experiment and as a result they were stripped of their potential exaltation.After the experiment finished they were thrown away to the desert and roamed there for months.One day a ship appeared to their rescue and led them to Erés.

As the years passed Ashan’ Perann found himself among the crew of Ellyshar and developed a son – father relationship with Admiral Content Not Found: Eshilah who tought him how to fight like an exalted, developing the Rising Fists martial arts style.

Ashan' Perann

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