A young Exalted Architect, with his dream of rebuilding the glorious city of Meru

Esteron was raised on an island near the Coral Archipelago.

When he reached the 9th year of his age his mother died from a rare illness and left Esteron alone with his dad, Feldon.

Feldon was a renowned sailor because he have seen many strange things and places while on the sea.It is also been said that he has spent more time sailing than walking! Feldon had also found Esteron’s name. When his wife was pregnant,they were on a trip. During a quiet night they were lying down on the ship and they were looking at the stars. There was a star that was the brightest and the biggest one! It was called Ester. That moment Feldon hugged his wife and whispered her ‘We will call him Esteron’. His wife smiled and kissed him. So, Feldon decided to take Esteron aboard and make him continue his sailing legacy!

Although Esteron was not interested. He seemed to admire the ship and its long and wide sails. He spent many hours in a room where a small library was standing, forgotten from every man on the ship, except from the young boy. He liked looking on the blueprints of the ship and making his own notes and even conversions of the original.

Feldon realised his son’s love about Architecture and he decided to send him on a college.

At the age of 20 Esteron graduated and started to build buildings and bridges for his island.
In order to improve the relationship with the Scarlet Empire Esteron decided to create something beautiful and impressing and give it to House V’neef.p.

No more than a month of work, Esteron presented his creation to the islanders leaving them astounded!p. A 20 feet high statue made of Jade, presenting a Dragon, sitting on a cliff and holding a glowing star. His tail was made in a symbolic way to remind eternal peace to anyone who sees it. Even Esteron couldn’t realise the beauty of his creation!p. House Ledaal was thankful and placed the statue in the center of Arjuf, showing their respect on such a masterpiece.p. Esteron has found his exaltation! No man could create SUCH statue. His new powers let his craftsmanship grow taller and allowed such a creation to be made! In the middle of his 21st year, Esteron, was found by Ashan’Perann and Izaldi Zawe, during their quest on recruiting new Exalted for the army of the new-established City of Salkos.


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