Izaldi Zawe

High Executor


Dawn Caste Solar Exalted


Izaldi’s age is around early twenties and he is around 5,6 feet tall.He is rather handsome with violet eyes and violet hair that turns to white near the length of his shoulders. Izaldi also has several scars, as medals of honor, to remind him of the battles that he fought and won or others that he lost and survived.The most significant one was given to him in a battle with unrepentent sodier, when he suffered a near fatal blow from his undead enemy the moment before he killed him. That scar is located in his upper torso and it will never fully heal as long as the Deathlord Mask Of Winters is still alive…

Anima Banner:

Izaldi’s anima Banner is a 10 feet tall blue semi material wereshark, that he is surrounded by golden sparks and solar beams.


Hand of Autochthon

The powerfull solars deserve powerfull weapons made by orichalcum. But even among demi gods some are made to be even more glorius. Izaldi-Zawe wieldes a weapon that is fit to fight primodials since it was made by one. It is said that Autochthon himself gave a powerfull glove to a powerfull solar during the primordial wars. That solars exaltation shard is the same one that lives inside Izaldi .
This Glove can manifest several swords that they are based in the element of Air, but only some of them Izaldi has been able to unlock.

Izaldi’s known versions of his sword are :

Aeolus : Is a defensive ice blade that manifests cold winds to enhance the exalts ability to parry

Levante : An offensive sword that carries the burning winds of the south and the lashing sands of the deserts located there

Bise : This version of Izaldi’s glove serves him as a ranged weapon. It calls the winds of the north to manifest in ice razors that they attack the enemy in great distances

Tramountane : Little is known about this sword.It is one of the most dangerous weapons in all of creation because it can literally erase anyone that it hits from the face of creation.


Izaldi Zawe was born James ’’Jim’’ O’ Sullivan 24 years ago in Boston,Massachusetts.Struggling to define his role in a falsely imagined world ,Jim tried to survive selling drugs and being your all around next door guy,who he will probably show up when you need him the most.Thats how he met Oliver Brownbridge.

In the middle of a half normal night Jim and Oliver Brownbridge were met for their usual illegal transactions.Everythin was going swell untill the unexplaned happened.

While trying to escape from a bestial creature who appeared from nowhere, the sky cracked opened and swarm of dragons appeared before them ,attacking and destroying everything the used to call home

Izaldi Zawe

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