City of Salcos

City of Salcos

Once used as a fortress by the Solars and later as a lab and a prison by the Sidereals, the City of Salcos is an ancient city that stands North East of Lap. The city is carved on a big red rock and protected by strong manse.

City of Salcos was discovered by The Kumar , Izaldi Zawe , Anisha and Ashan’ Perann , after the 3 Solars and Ashan’ Perann went to the city to find answers for the experiments that were conducted there. As a result Ashan’ Perann
got his Exaltation and killed the remaining Sidereals there.For a long time the 4 solars used the City as a hideout and a base of operation.

After the destruction of Erés, Oliver Brownbridge along with Izaldi, had the idea of helping the people find a new home.

The current goverment of Salcos is Isocracy.

The goverment is based on highest virtue of two individuals called the Protectors.Specifically,the main aspect of Salcos is the love between the Protectors.

Places within Salcos

Old City

New City

Esplanado Bay

Blazepetal Grove

City of Salcos

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